Friday, February 13, 2009

The Amazing Dax Norman!

Dax Norman has been featured on Cartoon Brew several times, but his work never ceases to amaze me. i can't believe he's been doing music videos for contests. i thought this new music video for M83's "We Own the Sky" was...the new music video for M83's "We Own the Sky". its just a contest entry! though, i think, it has more than a good chance of winning. it involves a technique he calls "double animation" where he fits different characters into the shapes of other characters. at first, it struck me as a very fun, crude style -- but boy can the man draw, as evidenced later in the video. its a very stunning use of rotoscoping that he's been perfecting for a while.

M83 We Own The Sky Music Video by Dax Norman from dax norman on Vimeo.

his video for Rafter's "Juicy" was kind of the rough cut for the M83 video in terms of style. it, of course, won the contest it was created for. its very kinetic and doesn't tire as fast as the M83 song.

Rafter "Juicy" Music Video By Dax Norman from dax norman on Vimeo.

his talents don't stop at animation, as the art at the beginning attests. he's into creating and perfecting art niches that are rarely treaded. here's his burgeoning collection of bowling pin art (he's planning to end up with more than 500 total):

his CG short, though similar in its griminess, is unlike anything he's created visually. created at the world-renowned for its stunning CG Ringling School of Art and Design and featured on Cartoon Brew TV, its a story about a man and a crusty piece of pie he stumbles upon.

The Last Temptation of Crust by Dax Norman from dax norman on Vimeo.

to check out more of his artistic endeavors, take a peak at his blog and his website.

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