Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Dinosaurs!

1985's Dinosaur! hosted by Christopher Reeve features some really incredible dinosaur animation by Phil Tippett. its a much more realistic style than Will Vinton's take on the creatures and recalls Jurassic Park's later computer generated animation (that would take direct cues from Tippett and his nine months of work prior to the switch from stop motion animation to CG on the film). if you can bear the awful music, its certainly worth a look:

it also features some neat clips of dinosaur animation through the years in the movies. once again, as in the case of the Will Vinton dinosaur-filled documentary, the life of this documentary started with a short animation by Tippett earlier entitled "Prehistoric Beast." they used much of that film and produced new sequences for the CBS documentary. the duckbill sequence with the eggs is pretty interesting:

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