Thursday, February 19, 2009

ben, julia, this blog & your mom

recently, i discovered the Broken Sword series of adventure games for the first time. the first two games have a very classic, and yet lush cartoony aesthetic -- all in aid of a mostly dramatic storyline. despite some annoying problems (like having your lead character, George Stobbart, learn something very important, and then act like he hasn't progressed any when he talks to others waiting for said change), its got more amazing production design than most games of the genre i've seen. check out the trailer for the first in the series (of four altogether):

something i thought was particularly interesting -- as you move across the screen, there are different layers in the foreground and background that move at different speeds along with your character, displaying a great sense of depth.

now go ahead and tell me this isn't relentlessly inventive. i dare you!:

Tahiti Boy and the Palmtree family 1973 from Ben&Julia on Vimeo.

puppets and animation have never been so seamlessly integrated into a great big ball of psychedelic fun. the self-proclaimed "French-Swiss duo" Ben & Julia spell it right out what they're trying to do in a straight-forward and admirable mission statement:

"Our aim is to introduce fresh ideas, to find conceptual solutions for projects, to give a high quality of service to our clients and to always keep smiling!"

and with that in mind, greet 2009 with the same enthusiasm as Ben & Julia:

Happy 2009 !!! from Ben&Julia on Vimeo.

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