Thursday, January 15, 2009

fast blog

here's a music video that defies definition of exactly what style it is -- i think its perhaps best categorized as a hybrid between cut-out and 3-D stop motion puppet animation. regardless, its a fun and technically impressive romp by Frenchman Victor Haegelin (represented by Partizan) for Caravan Palace.

Haegelin also did this identification for a French radio station that can best bedescribed as Pes meets Fast Film...if that makes any sense. its really quite beautiful.

speaking of which, Fast Film is essential viewing for the animation connoisseur, so here you go. it involves using film images from one film...with film images from another film. all on paper.

a little bit about the making of the film:
"In a technical sense, it meant that individual images were taken from various films or printed out, and then these printouts were folded into various figures. The objects were then assembled in various arrangements and a background was added so that four, five and up to 30 different films are visible within a single shot. That was the idea behind Fast Film. The challenge was to combine found footage in a meaningful way. The content and perspective of each image must match, but the individual shots must also fit together and tell the story, and do that extremely quickly. Applied to literature, that would be like taking individual sentences that rhyme from all of Shakespeare’s plays and using them to write a love poem which tells its own story. In that sense Fast Film is a journey through film history and at the same time a new film which is created in the heads of the audience members. In my opinion the fun thing about Fast Film is that everyone sees his or her own personal memories. Everybody has certain stimuli which trigger specific reactions, or recognizes certain actors or directors immediately. Suddenly the viewer is watching not Fast Film but his or her memory of the film from which the image was taken. I think that, when watching it, the audience switches back and forth in their heads between their perception of Fast Film and their perception of the films it references, so that everyone sees a completely different film."

check out Virgil Widrich's website for more info.

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