Sunday, January 18, 2009

yes mr. harman?

i'm currently creating the animatic for my upcoming stop-motion ghost short...

so i don't have too much time to blog -- but perhaps i can take time to ruminate a bit on the creative process:

animation great Will Finn (animator on Secret of NIMH, Little Mermaid, Aladdin and co-director on The Road to El Dorado) has been doing some comics on his own creative process -- its something that most artists (or anyone who's ever had to create something) can relate to.

check out part I and part II.

also, this floated around the internet a little bit after the Comic Con last year -- its kind of a call to arms to current animators from Ralph Bakshi. i think its pretty inspiring (and after reading the new book on him "Unfiltered," I think i appreciate it even more). he's straight talking, at least moreso than that McCain guy and he is truly a guerilla filmmaker, but it just so happens he's in animation.

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