Wednesday, January 7, 2009

let's call this...not quite safe for work day

if you can't tell by the still below, this video is a tad NSFW.

but its got some of the most unique animation of the last year -- of censorship bars. David Byrne talks about the genesis of the song here

the music video was directed by a one Keith Schofield, a commercial and music video director that seems to specialize in this kind of rotoscoped animation. err make that directed by a three Keith Schofield -- its a directing collective comprised of Keith Haverbrooks, Eric Schoman & Jeff Mayfield. earlier this year, their promo for the Italian fashion design house Diesel's 30th anniversary party took the internet by storm. Schofield makes some 70s porn much safer for work...

Diesel SFW XXX - Watch more Free Videos
this was probably one of my favorite animations of the year -- its just so darned inventive.

finally, a completely safe for work've probably seen it. the "Flatheads" Axion commercial. its very well done. if not entirely inspired.

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