Friday, January 16, 2009

what's your medium? and i'm not talking about patricia arquette...

i'm always intrigued by what medium (or mediums) people choose to animate with. its very hard to make mixed media work and it seems like its always a challenge when animating something different from the rest of the pack.

my friend and fellow animator Jessica Hokanson's chosen medium (though she can animate clay with the best of them) is rubber bands. this first video that she did was one of her first animation projects in school (for a short film production class). it still plays in festivals around the country; Wake Up Alice

watching it again, i think the medium really has lots of exploration to do. it has so many possibilities -- its got such a unique, 3-D look, but can be animated on a flat surface. the next short she did on 16MM, Fatty and the Sandman, is a little shorter, but no less endearing.

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