Thursday, October 22, 2009

Critter Crunch...who says puzzle games have to look like crap?

Toronto-based indie video game developer Capybara Games has been busy whipping up some amazing visuals for their primarily puzzle mini-games. originally, they were making these for downloadable content as well as for nintendo ds and iphones -- but they've ported their game "Critter Crunch" in all its full HD-glory to the Playstation 3. at $6.99, this game has made more of an impact than its $50+ bretheren with reviewers and gamers alike:

“You might not normally expect a lot of visual flair from a puzzle game, but Critter Crunch will ruin you on this. It sets a new standard for graphics in the genre and is simply one of the best looking games on PSN. Luckily, it also has the gameplay to back up the looks.” IGN

Critter Crunch PSN Debut Trailer from Capy! on Vimeo.

in addition to the fun though limited character animation, their backgrounds are really exquisite:

check out their official trailer here:

Critter Crunch - A BARF IN THE NIGHT - Launch Trailer! from Capy! on Vimeo.

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