Friday, October 23, 2009

Adam Bizanski and the Amazing Technicolor Stop Motion Music Video Coat

Born in Haifa, Israel in 1983, Adam Bizanski has already made a name for himself in the music video world by sculpting and creating worlds out of stop motion for some of the most popular indie bands of today. his award-winning 2005 video for The Shins' "Pink Bullets" put him on the international map:

"I didn't really have any expenses to speak of. The materials are really simple.
The figures are made of paper and wood and the background is a bulletin board
made of cork on which I scattered grass from models," Bizanski, 22, relates.
"But from my point of view, the hardest thing was the uncertainty about
whether the band would like the clip I made for it."

The Shins - Pink Bullets from Adam Bizanski on Vimeo.

i really like the simple and effective character design of the cows. they're endearing and sad at the same time. Adam's 2006 video for Wolf Parade's "Modern World" takes his style and goes a bit further.

the replacement mouths really jump out at you, like at points in Coraline, but in here its really part of the whole design and style that Adam's set up. the undulation on the piano is one of my favorite parts. the eyes look like they're done in after effects, though I may be wrong. it took him about a month and a half to complete.

Wolf Parade - Modern World from Adam Bizanski on Vimeo.

more recently, he's been taking on commercial work including this bizarre puppet-based Huggies "Little Swimmers" advert:

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  1. cool stuff man!

    never seen any of these....that cow was really soulfull!!

    how did he do the eyes?