Saturday, February 7, 2009

Andy Bruntel tells it like it is.

today, i thought a change of pace was in order

how about a few animated music videos? i've been a fan of this music video for a while since my friend Dan introduced me to it. its a pretty big accomplishment technically and the song propels the animation forward. i've always wanted to do some kind of a quality pixilation, i've dabbled in it, but this particular video is pretty fun -- its not smooth. it purposefully keeps that jumpy stop-motion feel and uses it as an asset. it comes off of 2005's Face the Truth album by Stephen Malkmus (of Pavement) & The Jicks. direction by Lana Kim and Andy Bruntel.

Lana and Andy both work for an outfit called "The Directors Bureau" along with Roman Coppola, brother of Sophia Coppola and son of Francis Ford. together, Bruntel and Coppola made this fun short on the history of the color red...some details may not be entirely accurate...

Bruntel on his start with the company:

"I interned for Mike Mills and then started doing animation and FX for other directors at the Bureau. The video reps gave me a chance to write on a few low budget projects which just sort of cascaded into more work. I didn't officially become a part of TDB until after my video for Bonnie 'Prince' Billy."

and finally, here's a video for Rilo Kiley he co-directed. its got some really interesting design elements. i really like the psychedelic ending that looks very handmade -- is it bead animation? i'm not sure, but it sure looks neat.

his advice on "making it":

"Keep making work and focus on establishing an original voice. That term is thrown around so much in L.A. but I think it still holds value. Also, making one outstanding and original video / short film / spec commercial is worth much more than having a long list of mediocre work. Keith [Schofield] had some great advice if you're primary focus is getting yourself into a commercial position. "

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