Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Princess and Some Contreversy

I saw UP this weekend and thought the movie was great. Well done, ok story and the usual good message. What is more surprising though is something I saw in the trailer. Disney's next and some say last hurrah to make a animated hand-drawn film. I thought they would take a safe route but they chose characters and a setting that have a lot of possible controversy. The Princess and the Frog is a story about a African American princess set in New Orleans in 1920. The New York Times has featured some of the contreversy and so far it seems the jury is still out. This is not the blog to address possible racism in cartoons but Disney is taking a risk with this film either way, I'm happy though that a film like this is being made and almost surprised Disney has never had a lead African American character in any of their animated films, at least in my memory.

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  1. people complain that disney never had a black princess, then they make a film with a black princess and people say it's not done right.
    btw, jasmine from aladdin was middle eastern, not terribly dark skinned but I wouldn't count her as caucasian at any rate. disney has had minority princesses.