Monday, May 11, 2009


I have some friends who have babies and I'm always surprised what they show their kids. I used to think these shows were thrown together rather quickly but after reading Freakonomics I realized there is a lot of testing and research that goes into these shows. On one hand they have to teach kids colors, letters, words, etc. At the same time they need to keep kids glued to the TV. They've found and tested hundreds of ways to get kids involved.

I can't stand blues clue's though. Little Einstein though is something I actually would watch. It's about a group of kids going around the world solving puzzles. Unlike Blue's Clues there is a little more action and it reminds me more of toddler's Scooby Doo. Little Einstein is Disney backed, produced by Curious Pictures who also do other animations. Blues Clue's is shown on Nick Jr., and produced at Nick Studios in NYC. If your interested into all the inner workings of Blue's Clues I highly recommend Freakonomics.

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