Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cupid and Comet and Donner

continuing with the christmas theme

this was a christmas short made by David Hand, who was a big deal in animation first with the Fleischers for the Out of the Inkwell series, and then as one of Disney's biggest animators for Silly Symphonies, Mickey Mouse, and a supervising director for Snow White and Bambi. he produced this during a later period when he had left Disney and right before the studio he was working for closed.

the cartoon itself is an oddity but full of very attractive character designs -- something John Kricfalusi talks about on his blog this week:

my mom used to sit us down to watch a whole vhs hodgepodge of obscure christmas shorts when my sister and i were younger -- this was one of them, though the christmas connection is tenuous at best. peace on earth.

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