Friday, December 26, 2008

It's a White Winter

i'm off to the snow for a few days, hopefully i'll be able to get my hands on a computer to update a little, but in the meantime -- here's one of the musical surprises of the year, at least for me. Fleet Foxes are like a cross between My Morning Jacket and a gospel choir. and Sean Pecknold (his brother is in the band) has done a very simple, very well executed, and souful stop motion rendition of "White Winter Hymnal."

White Winter Hymnal from Grandchildren on Vimeo.

and just in case you didn't have enough of yesterday's "Peace On Earth," here's MGM's Hanna and Barbera 1955 remake entitled "Good Will to Men." its got the benefit of sixteen more years of modern warfare -- and its much more polished -- but i prefer the original, which seems just a bit more subtle i guess. the cartoon was lavishly filmed in Cinemascope and produced again by Fred Quimby, who would retire the same year, it was nominated (like Peace on Earth was) for a short subject Oscar.


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