Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gimme some of that fancy rose water.

this is the opening to the 1997 LucasArts first-person western shooter -- its animated fairly well and has an appealing and distinct visual style. the animated cut scenes were by far the best part of the game.

the new book by Rob Smith, former editor-in-chief of PC Gamer Magazine, covers the story of LucasArts from 1982 to present, with oodles of concept art and interviews with creators -- i'm looking forward to seeing what they have on Ron Gilbert and Monkey Island. you can buy the oversized stocking stuffer here.

also, if you're in the LA area, $9.99 is making its week-long oscar run at the Laemmle Theatres Music Hall. here's the summary:
"Based on the short stories of Etgar Keret, $9.99 is a stop motion animated feature from Australia which offers slightly less than $10 worth about the meaning of life."

merely for the fact that stop-motion features rarely get made or released in theaters, i think i'll check it out. i'm not convinced that the story is worth telling, particuarly in the laborious stop-motion process, as it looks like a typical indie "life crisis" film.

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  1. outlaws was an amazing game.

    the only thing better than outlaws was jedi knight. and the cutscenes in that were some of the worst i'd ever seen.