Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gerald's First Day (On My Blog)

so this looks amazing:

Justin and Shel Rasch are a husband and wife animation team that I really adore. they share their projects frequently on their blog, Stop MOTION Mission. apparently, this was their first try at stop-motion, though they've been doing animation for a while (Justin's a computer game animator by day).

its a 12-minute film that's just starting the festival circuit. it already has a rave review. its very hard to get pathos in stop-motion (or is it just not tried very much?) -- Moral Orel did it recently with Nature Pts. 1 & 2 as well as most of the 3rd season and More was a pretty affecting piece of IMAX stop-motion though. what's impressive, here, is that its all done on their free time, for the most part. they weren't getting paid to do what looks like quite a professional piece of work.

according to an interview with Anim8 Stop Motion, they're currently developing a 45-minute stop motion animation as well as a dream feature stop-motion project in the future.


  1. Isn't it the coolest that they did this? I agree with you, Kevin. Justin and Shel are the most "physical" people I've ever met and they both can translate their integrated brain/body directly into little puppets. It's a truly remarkable thing to see.

  2. I second that shelly, and from my experience with Justin he is so down to earth and brillaint all round persion.

    thanks for adding a link to anim8 stop motions interview with Justin as well!