Friday, January 23, 2009


continuing with the films up for the Oscar under Best Short Animated Film, here's a 2-D film from Russia by Konstantin Bronzit called Lavatory Lovestory. its a charming piece of animation with true emotional beats. as you can imagine, its involves a woman who works as an attendant in at a public bathroom whose heart yearns for another.

it seems like its animated in Toon Boom, but please forgive me if I'm in any rate, its top notch work from a man who's directed seven animated films including a feature animation. here's an article on Bronzit's 2004 feature Alosha.

2003's The God offers a much different aesthetic from Bronzit. its got some layers beyond the obvious implications...

finally here's a short and very traditionally animated gag film by Bronzit in 1993 when he worked as an animator and director for Pilot Studios in Moscow. his films have received more than 50 awards in film festivals around the world including the coveted Grand Prix twice at Annecy. without further adieu, "The Pacifier":

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