Tuesday, January 20, 2009

you humble me, Mike Jittlov

Mike Jittlov got into animation after taking Dan McLaughlin's UCLA animation night class in 1968 while majoring in math language. it made it to the finals of the nomination process for the Academy Awards. he's perhaps best known for, however, his short film and subsequent feature featuring amazing pixilation techniques (amongst others) called "The Wizard of Speed and Time." here's the original short film:

this was created for Disney for their "Major Effects" special in 1979. before that, however, he got Disney's eye with his acclaimed short films and was contracted to do a special tribute to Disney's 50th Anniversary. here's the second part of that animation:

a very considerate fan has uploaded a great deal of Jittlov's early work onto MySpace here. in particular, Jittlov's Animato is a very dynamic collage type of film -- its actually a reel for Jittlov's work in the 70s, but it acts as a dynamic short film in its own right.

the story goes that Regis Philbin as a young local LA reporter saw Jittlov's work and insisted it be showed on television, which led to Disney's offer of work.

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