Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's Oh So Quiet!

John Kricfalusi made a name for himself in animation first working with Ralph Bakshi on the Rolling Stones music video for Harlem Shuffle and on the revival of Mighty Mouse (until a "coke sniff" scene animated by John K was latched onto by religious groups who eventually forced a cancellation). he's perhaps best known for his creation of Ren & Stimpy and founding his production company, Spumco. he's mostly retired from television (he created the world's first Flash animated series online in The Goddamn George Liquor Program in 1996). he shares his amazing insights on classical animation on his website each week here.

here are a couple of less famous videos he's produced. the first is a commercial for an online company called Raketu he produced in early 2007. his poses are always stellar and his character designs, always attractive (even the ugly ones look terribly alive).

this next one is a music video he directed for Bjork in 1995. Bjork and John K don't seem like they would make a great pairing (she reportedly was a huge fan of Ren & Stimpy), but the contrast between the two styles makes for a great and very surreal video with both computer and hand-drawn animation along with composite live-action footage that all seems to gel with each other

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