Saturday, January 3, 2009

No Is My Second Favourite Word

David Shrigley
is bar none one of my favorite artists.

he's ridiculous. he's over the top. he's simple. he's provocative. he makes you think. and he's just downright weird.

he's been featured in museums across the world. but if he were to be doing this thirty years ago -- i think he would probably be homeless by now.

he designed these:

available here.

back in 2005, he made a short film that i would say is a less intense version of the amazing Don Hertzfeldt short "I Am So Proud of You" (recently accepted into Sundance).

its more of a statement of his profound oddity and the reaction to his art and photography. he did not animate this but everything was based on his art.

Who I Am and What I Want, David Shrigley from Richard Summers on Vimeo.

i get the impression from this interview, that he's not too hot on animation. but he's done quite a lot of it recently.

much of his art books are a little on the expensive side. but his set(s) of postcards -- Joy and Evil Thoughts -- are affordable and fun. especially if you want to make your friends think you're insane.

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