Saturday, January 31, 2009

a matter of illicit animation

looks like "This Way Up" by Smith & Foulkes is up for a short time anyway on youtube...catch it while you can!

speaking of things up online that perhaps shouldn't be without permission, its the non-Oscar nominated, but the Annie-Award winning "A Matter of Loaf and Death" starring the loveable claymation duo Wallace & Gromit! it was the highest rated show during Christmas 2008 in the UK at 14.4 million viewers and indeed the highest rated in five years, along with the most watched programme in the UK in all of 2008.

the production of the film was the fastest of any Wallace and Gromit short they had ever done, with thirteen sets being employed at the same time. Nick Park seems to be relieved to have a bit quicker schedule and a smaller film:

"I felt I wanted to get my ideas out quicker and the 30-minute format is more humane. The first film took seven years to film and this one took seven months."

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