Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yeah. I got the memo.

i'm back! and since i've mostly been posting animation history related shorts, here are some that aren't from 60 or 70 years ago:

this is an earlier short from Randy Boyum, the guy who did the awesome HowCast video about surviving a bear attack that i mentioned previously.

apparently i was totally unaware of "Zune Arts," but I guess Microsoft created a community of artists in order to promote their competing-with-the-i-pod MP3 device.

Bent Image Lab created this slick and rockin' (and TWO MINUTE) ball of fun, mostly in stop motion. Bent is the animation company that spun off of the old folks at Will Vinton/Laika in Portland. its been thriving mostly with adverts, including the recent Alltel stop motion commercials.

and here's another from the same Zune project, featuring music by The Deadly Syndrome , former UCSB film students (go gauchos!) -- Jesse Hoy was quite an animator in his own right. "Intergalactic Swap Meet" is a top notch production utilizing a gaggle of different styles. its by the ad agency againstallodds, which made a name for itself for those realistic body part Coca-Cola ads recently...

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